DIY Devil costume from stuff lying around at home


We all have little devils at our home!

A few days back one of my friends invited us over for a halloween themed birthday party. I was super excited at the chance of getting my son dressed into some kind of costume.

I went to the market, scoured around, but  didn’t find anything beyond Superman or Spiderman. I wanted him to be something different, and if you have a 2 year old at home, or been there, you would agree that the child would not want to do what you want him/her to do, almost every time 😉

So , I decided to involve him in the process. To do that, the best way was show him a few pictures, images, tell him generally about Halloween and get him excited!

Second step was to involve him in the costume making process. If he could make a few items, he would surely be more than eager to try it out.

Since its pretty hot at this time of the year, we decided to keep it cool, only the major props were used, and normal dress up in red and black cotton T shirt and Shorts, looked kind of funny and cute both, but it was a small compromise considering he cooperated for the make up and also kept the whole ensemble on till the party ended!

You can buy a red body suit or a sleep suit to go with it, even a red round collared T-Shirt or hooded sweat shirt along with red leggings or pants should do the trick, if weather permits you.

Us- we stuck to favorite red full sleeved t shirt and black pants, the idea was to carry the props well, and they looked so good and authentic!

The icing on the cake is , its a no stitch costume! so, for people like me, its such a relief as we can’t stitch to save our lives ! 😉

Here is the process in detail with pictures. Feel free to write back with feedback, comments and queries-

Devil Costume – Props ( Devil Trident,Devil Hood ,Devil Tail)

We bought the horns needed for the Devil, and they are mostly available at all toy stores or stores which sell general items. Ours had a switch to lighten the horns for added effect. 🙂

For the props you would need-

Foam Sheet- 5 inches X 5 inches

Marker Pen

Super Glue/ Strong glue

Craft glue

Red colored glitters/ Red shimmery acrylic paint

Hollow pipe or foil paper roll or a stick

About 1 Meter of red cloth. ( you can take 2 meters for older children)

Pillow fillers/ cotton roll

Pipe cleaners (optional)

To start with, lets make a tail first.

1)Take the cloth, cut a piece lengthwise from the cloth, about 2 inches in width.DSC00985

2) Put pillow fillers and two pipe cleaners inside this cloth piece and roll it up like you would a stuffed vegetable roll


3) Apply glue after one roll and seal the edges. keep it aside. The tail is ready!


4)For the end of tail, cut out a triangular card board piece and cover it into the red cloth.


5) Stick this end to one end of the tail. Secure it with a tape to ensure it doesn’t come off.


6) For Trident, draw a shape of trident on the foam piece using a marker pen and cut it out using scissors


7) Create a hole at the base of the trident using the tips of the scissors, then insert a plastic straw tipped with super glue inside.

DSC00982 DSC00981 DSC00980

8) Insert this into a hollow pipe ( I used one that was left after we used up our cling film wrap in the kitchen ) and stuff the extra space that may have left with left over foam pieces


9) Add some glue inside the pipe for additional safety and to ensure your toddlers tiny fingers do not scrape out some foam from it!


10) To colour the trident, ask your toddler to pitch in , trust me they will love it!

Just use some glue and glitter, may be some glittery acrylic color to give finishing touches.

DSC00996 DSC00997 DSC00998 DSC00999 DSC01000

11) With the remaining cloth, fold it at one end, apply some glue and insert a string to tie around. Since string could be dangerous, I simply tied the remaining cloth into a knot around his neck.


Bringing it together- Set the horns on the head, make curled moustache and a goatee using some make up. (do a patch test first) .For creating mustache, I used my eye pencil in brown color and created curly mustache and a goatee to go with it.

Since string could be dangerous, I simply tied the remaining cloth into a knot around his neck.

Make the child hold trident in his hand, tell him its a magic wand 😉

Your little devil is ready!

Simple, isn’t it?

If you would like to watch a video on YouTube about  how I did it, click here 

till we meet next time!

Happy crafting!


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